Thursday, December 15, 2005

FK Ideas

The names listed below are not my names; I dont own them.
People sent this to me at the place I work: FK.

Most of the time, I spend being annoyed with various things in my life--Idiots, spam, and the like can take on heightened meaning at some points, becominga focus for malicious spite rather than an inevitable side effect of living. But now and then, somebody contributes something meaningful that sort of placesit all in perspective. Here are the projections of one Lead Minion about our own personal inevitabilities:
David: Poor, starving cassanova begging for attention from any passerby girl.
Derald: Whored out to every fangirl with enough cash.
Audrey: Sitting on a couch made from pathetic men.
Curtis: Part of the couch.
Topher: The first man ever gunned down by a group of Japanese men for trying to be too Asian.
Alan: Lost to time. ....and a crack in the ground.
Eli: Throughly raped and discarded by a pack of wandering gay men.
Seeth: In a state prison for killing a young boy who asked 'Do you do direct trades on cards?' He was beaten with his own deck and stuffed between the uncommonsand commons.
James: Head exploded when he comprehended one of his own jokes.
Mike Fox: Beaten to death at a Con with every RP manual created when he gave every system a 2 on a scale of 1 - 1000. They were promptly anally fed to himupon his death.
Steven: Killed by Secret Service agents after bumping into the President (unknowningly) and telling him he'd "cut him so fast and so hard".
Jason: Currently the test dummy to find the world's best deodorant. All have failed.
Kevin: Stalking Nicole Kidman.
Sean: A professonal Nicole Kidman lookalike.
Walter: Attempting to create an entire civilization using nothing but Priskan Warriors.
Mike Babcock: Head of the US Terrorism Watch Unit.
Eddie: Currently powering the city of New York with his energy alone.
Yeah. Not bad.


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