Saturday, December 24, 2005

I left this for my 9 year bro to get him to believe again. maby someone can use it...

Dear Matlock Family:
Hi, This letter is for the whole matlock family, but mostly Joshua. I have been informed from some of my elves that you don’t believe in me. You believe in Saint Nick. Well, I just wanted to tell you that we, me and Saint Nick are the same people.
I also wanted to tell you and your whole family how good of a job you guys have done, from moving out of that cool house you had in Scio to the hotels, to the apartment and now here in Jefferson. I know, it can be hard. Well, What ever.
So, Josh, I hope that you will like all the Christmas presents that I got you, and I hope I remembered everything. If I did not, have mike e-mail me and I’ll remember to get them next year.
Thanks a whole lot again for being one of the best kids I have worked with, all though, you could use some work with that attitude.


MR. Santa Claus
Of The North Pole
PS: I used mikes computer because Mrs. Claus took all my pins because she thought one of them would poke me in the side if the rain deer tripped or something. I think it is stupid, but mike left his computer on, so I used it.
PPS: What happened. I thought you were going to leave me cookies and milk; I looked around and didn’t find any.


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